ForexTitan: Day 2 Results

In an effort to be completely transparent with the results that ForexTitan is getting, I am chronicling the results.

Running Time: 2 Days
Initial Deposit: $500
Current Size: $690.50
24 Hr. Growth: 29.92%
YTD Growth: 38.10%

ForexTitan is a completely automated trade copier that mirrors the trades of some of the best traders in the world.  It is an exclusive bonus for locking arms with me in IML or is available for purchase (soon to be released) separately.

David Liciaga is a prolific MLM recruiter and internet marketer. He is most well known for single handedly recruiting 1600 people into the WakeUpNow program while building his team to 15,000 over a period of 18 months. During that period, he also debuted several products on JVZoo and gained the notoriety of being a top 10 seller on the platform.

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