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How to Organize Your Clothes to Reduce Stress and Overwhelming

You might love your clothes and that’s great. But guess what? They’re quite probably causing you a lot of stress as well.

While it’s a great feeling to have lots of things to wear, the downsides are actually quite serious. For starters, you now have a lot more decisions to make when it comes to deciding what you’re going to wear in the morning. We have a limited capacity to make decisions and the more decisions we make, the worse we become at making them.

What’s more is that having lots of clothes means you have lots of washing. And you have wardrobes and drawers that are stuffed with things you don’t have anywhere to keep. Now when you have a new item you need to store, you’ll find yourself just kind of stuffing it into place and this will result in your clothes just piling up.

The solution? Reduce the amount of clothes you keep and organize what remains. You’ll find you end up dressing better, getting ready faster and feeling far less stressed!

How to Get Rid of Your Clothes

So how do you go about getting rid of clothes when you’re not sure that you can part with any of them?

The first step is to tackle your clothes by category. So get all of your ‘bottoms’ out first. This approach lets you see just how many of each type of clothing you have and many of the items you won’t feel much love for any more. Pick them up and honestly decide if they make you really happy and if you can see yourself wearing them more in future. If not? Throw them out!

Now move on to the next category. Oh and don’t show anyone the clothes you’re getting rid of – often they’ll try and talk you out of it!


Next, make sure that the remaining clothes are well organized. Try the sideways folding technique for your drawers (so you don’t have to dig through clothes to find what you want) and make sure that you have room to hang everything in your wardrobe. You can get a set of hanging shelves for your wardrobe even to store socks and other underwear and this will make them easy to find.

Lastly, ensure that you have plenty of room for clothes you’re going to put for washing. That might mean having an ‘overflow’ basket which can make a big difference to the piles of clothes on your floor!

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