Stop struggling trying to find the spare change to go on vacation...

...take life by the HORNS today and live a better life with more freedom to do WHAT you want, WHEN you want!

Dear Opportunity Seeker,

My name is David Liciaga and for the past 17 years I’ve been into Network Marketing, searching for the ‘luxury lifestyle’…

… you know what I mean

  • The Fast Cars
  • The Nice House(s)
  • The Family Vacations

I wanted it ALL – but I knew that it wasn’t going to happen in my boring, dead end 9-5 job.

From the fact you’re on this page – I know you’re looking for the same…

… and you’re in luck!

After a lot of failed attempts and rubbish companies – I finally found the ONE company that not ONLY gave me the income potential for my financial freedom but also gave me a LOT of other tools that I could use to better my life….

And I’ve already personally shared this opportunity with over 500 other people who are loving every minute of it….and who built a team of over 2,000 in a very short timeframe….

… and now it’s YOUR time!

SO without any further ado,



GET STARTED W/ GPS FOR ONLY $50 (prelaunch special)


GPS is the BEST networking company I’ve ever seen. It’s not one of those ‘one trick ponies’… it has everything you could EVER need for you to have that happy lifestyle we were talking about earlier….

… here’s just SOME of the amazing features you’re going to find inside!


I know every company claims to have the best compensation plan, but then have some ridiculous requirements to achieve them.  Our bonuses and compensation structure are amongst the fairest and most lucrative in the industry.


We are powered by International Vacations – a 37-year-old IATAN, ARC and CLIA certified host agency specializing in wholesale travel. In partnership with GPS, International Vacations provides certified training to GPS independent host agents ensuring compliance with all industry standards, rules and regulations.


Our Travel Subscription Program offers members every day savings on leisure travel, weekend getaways or that dream vacation they have been planning for years. Our members have access to specialty pricing offered only thru a private subscription network. All of our travel products are based upon availability with no blackout or sell up restrictions. Through our easy “do-it-yourself” booking engines, our members can quickly and easily access hundreds of thousands of hotels and condo offerings. In addition, our members have access to a travel planning concierge who is available to assist with cruises, vacation packages, car rentals, International Business and First class airfare, and extended, more complex reservation planning.


Our members benefit from the GPS Price Guarantee!

If a member finds a better price from a hotel direct or major online travel provider, we will meet or beat the lowest rate on 3, 4 and 5 star hotels worldwide! If we cannot beat the lower rate, we will send a cash back check equal to 5% of the lowest rate (not including tax) plus the member will receive an electronic travel gift card to another popular destination.

GET STARTED W/ GPS FOR ONLY $50 (prelaunch special)


My Teammates Experience REAL RESULTS!

While others might BRAG about THEIR SUCCESS, I much rather recognize the SUCCESS STORIES my teammates have.

Each person here can be verified as MY TEAMMATE - and you will get the SAME BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS!

As you can see – there are a LOT of different features that are included in your membership…

… and that’s on TOP of the amazing compensation plan that GPS offers.

In fact – we have calculated that the products you’re getting alone are worth over $200/month (And that’s just the price they sell for – NOT the value they give you!)


You see – if you sign up as part of my team – I want to make sure you get EVERYTHING you need to be a success.

With over 2,000 team members already – I have it locked down when it comes to helping you grow and make money with GPS – so if you sign up today – you’re also going to get…

-Multiple Landing Page Websites to Build Your Business for FREE! (a $997 value)
-Free Facebook Marketing Automation System (a $997 value)
-Private FB Mastermind Group w/ Hours of Training (a $1497 value)
-Recruiting Webinars & Calls Multiple Times/Day (a $497 value)
-Online Advertising Training (a $297 value)

Put simply – I’m giving you EVERYTHING you need to make GPS a success…

… and when you manage to do that – life is good.

So what are you waiting for? Join GPS today and I look forward to taking your life, and your business to the next level!


One of the biggest benefits of joining with my team is being able to leverage Facebook to do the majority of the selling for you.  This is proprietary software that almost nobody has access to - but you get it free (just take a look at the video on the right to see it in action).

GET STARTED W/ GPS FOR ONLY $50 (prelaunch special)


To Your Success,
David Liciaga

P.S. I’m not magic. I only have 24 hours in the day, just like anyone else… however, I have managed to use those to the BEST advantage possible – and now I’m here to show you how you can too!  If you still have questions, contact me to get your questions answered.