Growing Your Paycation Matrix Month by Month

In this video training, I go through step by step how setting a commitment to for a 16 month period can create incredible results for your team size and income.  As always, this industry thrives on the ability to leverage other people’s efforts, and Paycation is no different.

Please watch this video to understand:

Internet Marketing

Lindan Grier – Inner Circle Testimonial

egg salad sandwich puff
Ketogenic DietWeight Loss

KETO Recipe: Egg Salad Sandwich

A sandwich on KETO?  You bet.  Egg Salad is super simple to make but also incredible satisfying.  Gets you all the fat you need, some of the protein and doesn’t allow you to go overboard.  Just follow the recipe to the T and watch those macros.

Crackers w Rosmary and Olive Oil
Ketogenic DietWeight Loss

Ketogenic Recipe: Crackers with Rosemary and Olive Oil

While on the Ketogenic journey, many people crave carbs.  Use this recipe to cut carb cravings while keeping your body in complete Ketosis.


The Impact of Omnivorism on the Environment

There are few films that have impacted my life as much as “Cowspiracy”.  Just in case you are wondering, it is a documentary, it is freely available for streaming on netflix, and if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

Before I go on any further, allow me to share some facts from the film in infographic form:


Paycation Team Growth 3/12/2016

I’m so unbelievably proud of my paycation team.  I opened up my back office and saw that this month alone, we have 89 new teammates spanning several countries.  It is hard to believe how blessed I am to have as incredible a team as I do.

All this growth is happening right on the heels of the Paycation national convention which happens on April 14, and an upcoming announcement of a Caribbean tour to support the Paycation team in the region, the “Takeover”.


FacebookGroup MarketingMarketing

Are Facebook Groups Better than Facebook Pages?

If you are like me, you absolutely love Facebook for marketing just about anything.  In my 15 years of marketing online, I have never seen a more viable platform for getting the word out about a product or service.

After several improvements, and company acquisitions, Facebook has become the go-to place for marketers.  With all the hype surrounding Facebook pages, Facebook ads, EdgeRank, etc…one thing tends to get overlooked, and it is one of the features of Facebook that I like the most…the Facebook group.


Paycation Team Growth 3/10/2016

My Paycation team keeps on doing it.  Even after months of steady and incremental growth, they are still growing by leaps and bounds.

I am keeping tabs on all the growth that they are having just to show how successful a team can be with the proper leadership.  The TAKEOVER team is the fastest growing organization in the entire company, and we are a multi-national organization too.

If you are looking to get started w/ Paycation, just click the button below.


Working Out

Day 1 Insanity Fit Test Results

Well, it seems that most people are waiting to get their new years resolutions started.  Not I.

I’ve already been working out, getting my Vegetarian & Ketogenic eating habits correct.  I’ve already lost 27lbs.  I’m already running 8 to 10 miles a day, and am already weight lifting 5 days a week (1 day of Yoga too).

But, I was nostalgic.  I remember when I was doing Insanity and how much I truly enjoyed the high impact Insanity workout.  How much the plyometric work changed me, and so I made a rash decision to go ahead and give it another go.

PaycationThe Commission

Paycation Rank Advancements 12/20/2015 Through 12/27/2015

This week has been a phenomenal week of growth in my Paycation team, “The Commission” and more specifically, my Caribbean leg, “The Takeover”.  I just wanted to take the time to recognize all the new rank advancements that have occurred.